Puppy Super Skills! Follow on Classes


Completing a six week course can be a challenge to fit around other commitments, and sometimes you just have one or two skills you really want to deep dive into.

So just for that, here are the Puppy Super Skills classes!


Each class has a CONCEPT or SKILL as a focus, and mastering these skills supports the behaviours you wish to develop.  


CALM - to help puppies settle, focus on you around distractions, stay in one place, relax

Choose this class if your puppy is always on the go, impulsive and has trouble settling after excitement.




PROXIMITY - to help your puppy feel like they want to be with you and near you, no matter what.

Choose this class to help with recall and loose lead walking.




FOCUS - being able to concentrate, learning a trick or ignoring distractions

Choose this class to help with settling, being easily distracted, lead walking and more.




CONFIDENCE - being brave, having a go, being able to be calm around potential  distractions

Choose this class for shy puppies, reluctant to meet people or dogs, or who are worried in new places









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