I work with you to provide the tools to understand and train your dog in a positive and rewarding way. Together you can have fun and build a more cooperative relationship through games and training, whatever the age of the dog, or owner!


My training is reward based, using up to date methods that are driven by current behaviour science.


In addition to many years of gaining qualificatons and experience in dog training and behaviour, I also have a post graduate teaching qualification and am an experienced teacher.


There are activities and classes for all stages of your dog’s life, and I welcome families to attend where possible so everyone can work with their dog together. For dogs not ready to join classes, there is one-to-one training, and behaviour sessions to resolve any challenges.


If I can help in any way, please do get in touch.


Michelle Cleary


[email protected]


What's on?



If in-person courses fall during a lockdown, or cannot run in-person, they will be moved to our very sucessful live online course!

ONLINE - 12th January, 6.45pm - 1 space

ONLINE - 21st January, 6pm - 2 spaces

ONLINE - 27th January, 6pm - 3 spaces

ONLINE - 30th January, 5pm - 3 spaces

More dates can be added - puppies do not need to be vaccinated and so can start earlier - please get in touch with your preferred date and time.






Patchway - Sunday sessions - weekly




RECALL - January 17th, 1.45pm - 1 space




Regular Sunday sessions

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